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Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Me gusta
Fecha de nacimiento: 18 abril 1956 (64 años)
Lugar de nacimiento: Biloxi, Missisippi (Estados Unidos)
Estatura: 1,78 m. (5' 10'')


Películas y Series de Eric Roberts [ Ordenar Películas por Nota ]
Dirty Fears Dirty Fears (2020)
Papel: Eric
Unchained Unchained (2020)
Papel: The Father
Insite Insite (2020)
Papel: Derek
Interrogation (Serie TV) Interrogation (Serie TV) (2020 - )
Papel: Bernard Poulos
Someone Dies Tonight Someone Dies Tonight (2020)
Papel: Niko Dukakis
Prescience Prescience (2019)
Papel: Mathew Smith
Inside the Rain Inside the Rain (2019)
Papel: Montgomery (Monty) Pennington
Exodus of the Prodigal Son Exodus of the Prodigal Son (2019)
Papel: Chief Roberts
The Unlikely Good Samaritan The Unlikely Good Samaritan (2019)
Papel: Jimmy
79 Parts: Director's Cut 79 Parts: Director's Cut (2019)
Papel: Jack's Dad
IRL IRL (2019)
Papel: Jonathan
The Immortal Wars: Resurgence The Immortal Wars: Resurgence (2019)
Papel: Dominion Harvey
Eddie Outrageous Eddie Outrageous (2019)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Surge of Dawn Surge of Dawn (2019)
Papel: Augur / Flashback
A Karate Christmas Miracle A Karate Christmas Miracle (2019)
Papel: James Whitmore
Öteki Ihtimal Öteki Ihtimal (2019)
Papel: Alexander Knight
Out of Sight, Out of Mind Out of Sight, Out of Mind (2019)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare (2019)
Papel: Dr. Albert Beck / Laid Back Beck
90 Feet from Home 90 Feet from Home (2019)
Papel: William Rota
The Estate The Estate (2019)
Papel: Marcello
Hollywould Hollywould (2019)
Papel: Leon Davenport & Edward Travis
It Wants Blood! It Wants Blood! (2019)
Papel: Senator Du Sang
Monster Lake Monster Lake (2019)
Papel: Dave
Die for a Dollar Die for a Dollar (2019)
Papel: Mr.G
Monster Island Monster Island (2019)
Papel: General Horne
A. I. Tales A. I. Tales (2018)
Papel: Tailored Man
Billboard Billboard (2018)
Papel: Rick
Beverly Hills Bandits Beverly Hills Bandits (2018)
Papel: Detective Jack Boudin
A Soldier's Story 2: Return from the Dead A Soldier's Story 2: Return from the Dead (2018)
Papel: Mr. Hammersmith
Rusty Tulloch Rusty Tulloch (2018)
Papel: Mr. G
Beautifully Broken Beautifully Broken (2018)
Papel: Larry Hartley
The Perception The Perception (2018)
Papel: Nick Shaw
Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge (2018)
Papel: Dr. Albert Beck
6 Rounds of Chloë 6 Rounds of Chloë (2018)
Papel: Dr. John Bing
When We Dance the Music Dies When We Dance the Music Dies (2018)
Papel: Clayton Riggs
The Savant The Savant (2018)
Papel: Lonnie
Taco Shop Taco Shop (2018)
Head Full Of Honey Head Full Of Honey (2018)
Papel: Dr. Holst
Lone Star Deception Lone Star Deception (2018)
Papel: Bill Sagle
Mom Mom (2018)
Papel: Doctor
Frank and Ava Frank and Ava (2018)
Papel: Harry Cohn
Never Saw It Coming Never Saw It Coming (2018)
Papel: Wendell Garfield
Clinton Road Clinton Road (2018)
Papel: Eric
Submission Submission (2018)
Papel: Coach Bronx
Something Something (2018)
Papel: Coroner
Kidding (Serie TV) Kidding (Serie TV) (2018 - )
Papel: Bernard Paley
The Righteous The Righteous (2018)
Papel: Clayton
MMA MMA (2018)
Papel: Dr. Roberts
Blackbird Blackbird (2018)
Papel: Blake
Lore Lore (2017)
Papel: Sheriff
Induced Effect Induced Effect (2017)
Papel: Boss
The Bobby Roberts Project The Bobby Roberts Project (2017)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Victory by Submission Victory by Submission (2017)
Papel: Leon 'The Neon' Harris
Running with Fear Running with Fear (2017)
Papel: Dr. Mattson
The Immortal Wars The Immortal Wars (2017)
Papel: Dominion Harvey
Amores De Peso Amores De Peso (2017)
Papel: Mr. Peters
Executor Executor (2017)
Papel: Richard
The Mob: A Woman's Revenge The Mob: A Woman's Revenge (2017)
Papel: Johnny Racan
Pontius Pilate Pontius Pilate (2017)
Papel: Rafial - Roman Guard
The Reliant The Reliant (2017)
Papel: Mr. Jones
The Summoning The Summoning (2017)
Papel: Chief Lubbock
The Terror of Hallow's Eve The Terror of Hallow's Eve (2017)
Papel: Ed
Fearless Heart Fearless Heart (2017)
Papel: Walter Monroe
Almost Amazing Almost Amazing (2017)
Papel: Zane
Unbridled Unbridled (2017)
Papel: Roger Donigal
Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie (2017)
Papel: Mob Boss
Maximum Impact Maximum Impact (2017)
Papel: Secretary of State Robert Jacobs
Naked People Every Where Naked People Every Where (2017)
Papel: The Governor
The Downside of Bliss The Downside of Bliss (2017)
Papel: Benny
Fake News Fake News (2017)
Papel: Maxwell Stern
Mas Que Hermanos Mas Que Hermanos (2017)
Papel: Buelo Chino
Ayla: La hija de la guerra Ayla: La hija de la guerra (2017)
Papel: Major General Coulter
You're Gonna Miss Me You're Gonna Miss Me (2017)
Papel: Lawrence Graves
The Institute The Institute (2017)
Papel: Dr. Torrington
Father Father (2016)
Papel: Dr. Eric Owens
Five Grand Five Grand (2016)
Papel: Marshal Denton J Cartwright
Eyes of the Roshi Eyes of the Roshi (2016)
Papel: Booker
Stalked by My Doctor: The Return Stalked by My Doctor: The Return (2016)
Papel: Dr. Beck
Henri Henri (2016)
Papel: Jenkins Chesney
Enemy Within Enemy Within (2016)
Papel: Jack #2
The Matadors The Matadors (2016)
Papel: CIA Director
Euro Kings Euro Kings (2016)
Papel: Uncle Nicky
Wild Things in Europe 3D Wild Things in Europe 3D (2016)
Papel: Detective Novak
Gender Bender Gender Bender (2016)
Papel: Kent Skillman
Swedish Dicks (Serie TV) Swedish Dicks (Serie TV) (2016 - )
Papel: Chip
Evil Exhumed Evil Exhumed (2016)
Papel: The Shaman (voz)
Juvie Juvie (2016)
Papel: Jack
Nat Turner: Story of A Prophet Nat Turner: Story of A Prophet (2016)
Papel: Captain Hunt
Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (2016)
Papel: Augur
Days of Power Days of Power (2016)
Papel: Nick
Inferno by Dante Inferno by Dante (2016)
Papel: Dante (voz)
Black Wake  Black Wake  (2016)
Papel: Dr. Frank
The Best Thanksgiving Ever The Best Thanksgiving Ever (2016)
Papel: Rod
The Red Maple Leaf The Red Maple Leaf (2016)
Papel: Secret Service Agent
The Private Eye The Private Eye (2016)
Papel: Edmond
But Deliver Us from Evil But Deliver Us from Evil (2016)
Papel: Leigh Warring
Prayer Never Fails Prayer Never Fails (2016)
Papel: Judge Bolden
The Beautiful Ones The Beautiful Ones (2016)
Papel: Carl
Street Smart Street Smart (2016)
Papel: Eric Roberts
EuroClub EuroClub (2016)
Papel: Uncle Nicky
A Trip to Jamaica A Trip to Jamaica (2016)
Papel: Sonnie
JOB's Daughter JOB's Daughter (2016)
Papel: Detective McQueen
Project 12: The Bunker Project 12: The Bunker (2016)
Papel: Henderson
Osprey Osprey (2016)
Papel: Apollos
Hometown Hero Hometown Hero (2016)
Papel: Gunnar Hansen
Compadres Compadres (2016)
Papel: Dalton
Lux in Tenebris Lux in Tenebris (2016)
Papel: Boss
Joker's Wild Joker's Wild (2016)
Papel: James Jenning
Hunting Season Hunting Season (2016)
Papel: William
Actors Anonymous Actors Anonymous (2016)
Papel: Sonny
Through a Class Darkly Through a Class Darkly (2016)
Papel: Professor Turner
Taco Shop Taco Shop (2016)
Papel: Old School Eddie
Star Trek: Capitán Pike Star Trek: Capitán Pike (2016)
Papel: Doctor Lee Parsons
Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie (2016)
Papel: Judge
Starcrossed Starcrossed (2015)
Papel: Rommel Lazarus
The Wrath The Wrath (2015)
Papel: The Mayor
Maul Dogs Maul Dogs (2015)
Papel: Jack
Dark Moon Rising Dark Moon Rising (2015)
Sicilian Vampire Sicilian Vampire (2015)
Papel: Detective Louis Marshall
No Deposit No Deposit (2015)
Papel: Gerry Gaci
L.A. Slasher L.A. Slasher (2015)
Papel: The Mayor
Sorority Slaughterhouse Sorority Slaughterhouse (2015)
Papel: Whitman
Ktown Cowboys Ktown Cowboys (2015)
Papel: Al
Story of Eva Story of Eva (2015)
Papel: Detective Wood
Cowboys vs Dinosaurs Cowboys vs Dinosaurs (2015)
Papel: Trent Walker
Las Vegas Story Las Vegas Story (2015)
Papel: Walter
Moments of Clarity Moments of Clarity (2015)
Papel: Hal Spreadum
A Fatal Obsession A Fatal Obsession (2015)
Papel: Michael Ryan
Silver Case: Director's Cut Silver Case: Director's Cut (2015)
Papel: Senator
Fractured Fractured (2015)
Papel: Dr. Jason Ballard
Santa's Boot Camp Santa's Boot Camp (2015)
Papel: Mall Santa
A Remarkable Life A Remarkable Life (2015)
Papel: Jack
Código negro (Serie TV) Código negro (Serie TV) (2015 - 2018)
Papel: Vince Savetti
Spreading Darkness Spreading Darkness (2015)
Papel: Stu Undercoffler
American Sharia American Sharia (2015)
Papel: Officer Richardson
No Solicitors No Solicitors (2015)
Papel: Lewis Cutterman
Deadly Sanctuary Deadly Sanctuary (2015)
Papel: Tugg
Golden Shoes Golden Shoes (2015)
Papel: Frank
The Code of Cain The Code of Cain (2015)
Papel: Parker
The Player (Serie TV) The Player (Serie TV) (2015 - )
Papel: Pauly Agostino
Six Gun Savior Six Gun Savior (2015)
Papel: The Devil
'79 Parts '79 Parts (2015)
Papel: Douglas Anderson
Rock Story Rock Story (2015)
Papel: Andy Granite
Intent Intent (2015)
Papel: Detective Gordon
A Hitman in London A Hitman in London (2015)
Papel: The Executive
Leaves of the Tree Leaves of the Tree (2015)
Papel: Patrick
Lazarus Rising Lazarus Rising (2015)
Papel: James Connelly
The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015)
Papel: Governor Hughes
Jake's Road Jake's Road (2014)
Papel: Keith
Snare Snare (2014)
Papel: Vito
Paradise Club Paradise Club (2014)
Papel: Earl Wild
Mile Marker Seven Mile Marker Seven (2014)
Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah (2014)
Papel: Dr. Mc Millan
Halloween Hell Halloween Hell (2014)
Papel: Dracula
A Cry from Within A Cry from Within (2014)
Papel: Jonathan
Zombie Dream Zombie Dream (2014)
Papel: Eric
Puro Vicio Puro Vicio (2014)
Papel: Michael Z. Wolfmann
Let the Lion Roar Let the Lion Roar (2014)
Papel: Augustine of Hippo
Chicks Dig Gay Guys Chicks Dig Gay Guys (2014)
Papel: Mr. Wagner
Janie Charismanic Janie Charismanic (2014)
Papel: Max
Stranded Stranded (2014)
Papel: William
Love Me True Love Me True (2014)
Papel: Father Anthony
The Opposite Sex The Opposite Sex (2014)
Papel: Mr. Campbell
Eternity: The Movie Eternity: The Movie (2014)
Papel: Gene Weiner
Camp Dread Camp Dread (2014)
Papel: Julian
It's Not a Date It's Not a Date (2014)
Papel: Dad
Scorpion (Serie TV) Scorpion (Serie TV) (2014 - 2018)
Papel: Mick
Road to the Open Road to the Open (2014)
Papel: Tim Gollant
1959 1959 (2014)
Papel: Jim Blackwell
Sector 4 Sector 4 (2014)
Papel: Black Knight CEO
West End West End (2014)
Papel: Victor Trevi
Good Mourning, Lucille Good Mourning, Lucille (2014)
Papel: Ristori
Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper (2014)
Papel: Older Bernie (voz)
Revelations Revelations (2014)
Papel: Doctor Greene
Rumors of Wars Rumors of Wars (2014)
Papel: Zurn
Relentless Justice Relentless Justice (2014)
Papel: Lanzetta
Rogue Strike Rogue Strike (2014)
Papel: Captain Novakov
Head Shot Head Shot (2014)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Seal Patrol (BlackJacks) Seal Patrol (BlackJacks) (2014)
Papel: Mr. Cromwell
2 Bedroom 1 Bath 2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)
Papel: Dr. Philip Tenenbaum
Asalto a Wall Street Asalto a Wall Street (2013)
Papel: Lawyer Patterson
So This Is Christmas So This Is Christmas (2013)
Papel: Bill
Abstraction Abstraction (2013)
Papel: Angelo Moretti
Self Storage Self Storage (2013)
Papel: Walter
Run Run (2013)
Papel: Jeremiah
Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft (2013)
Papel: Mr. Sebastian
Paranormal Movie Paranormal Movie (2013)
Papel: Dr. Lipschitz
Day of the Gun Day of the Gun (2013)
Papel: Abraham Tanner
Lovelace Lovelace (2013)
Papel: Nat Laurendi
La sospecha La sospecha (2013)
Papel: Taxi Driver
Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013)
Papel: Sheriff Jensen
Wrong Cops Wrong Cops (2013)
Papel: Bob
In the Name of God In the Name of God (2013)
Papel: Wallace
The Mark: Redemption The Mark: Redemption (2013)
Papel: Cooper
A por ellas A por ellas (2013)
Papel: Laurence Humphrey
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Serie TV) Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Serie TV) (2013 - )
Papel: Jimmy 'The Butcher' Figgis
El Hundimiento El Hundimiento (2013)
Papel: Cutter
The Devil's Dozen The Devil's Dozen (2013)
The Perfect Summer The Perfect Summer (2013)
Papel: Lou
The Cloth The Cloth (2013)
Papel: Father Tollman
Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire (2013)
Papel: Sheriff Jensen
Scavenger Killers Scavenger Killers (2013)
Papel: Agent Guthro
Spanners Spanners (2013)
Papel: Jonathan
White T White T (2013)
Papel: Ricardo
Before I Sleep Before I Sleep (2013)
Papel: David
A Talking Cat!?! A Talking Cat!?! (2013)
Papel: Duffy (voz)
This Is Our Time This Is Our Time (2013)
Papel: Bob
A Wicked Within A Wicked Within (2013)
Papel: Dr. Woods
The House Across the Street The House Across the Street (2013)
Papel: Officer Peterson
Betrayal Betrayal (2013)
Papel: Tony
Lip Service Lip Service (2013)
Papel: Mr. Esposito
A New York Heartbeat A New York Heartbeat (2013)
Papel: Casket Mike
Jet Set Jet Set (2013)
Papel: Dr. Brix
All American Christmas Carol All American Christmas Carol (2013)
Papel: Constantine / Ghost of Christmas Present
The Finder (Serie TV) The Finder (Serie TV) (2012 - )
Papel: Uncle Shadrack
Snow White: A Deadly Summer Snow White: A Deadly Summer (2012)
Papel: Grant
The Child The Child (2012)
Papel: Robert Stern
Silver Case Silver Case (2012)
Papel: Senator
Stealing Las Vegas Stealing Las Vegas (2012)
Papel: Alex Stratholme
The Night Never Sleeps The Night Never Sleeps (2012)
Papel: Hector
The Mark The Mark (2012)
Papel: Cooper
23 Minutes to Sunrise 23 Minutes to Sunrise (2012)
Papel: Daniel
Beyond the Trophy Beyond the Trophy (2012)
Papel: Sgt. Bachman
Worth: The Testimony of Johnny St. James Worth: The Testimony of Johnny St. James (2012)
Papel: Hickey
Bloodwork Bloodwork (2012)
Deadline Deadline (2012)
Papel: Ronnie Bullock
Christmas in Compton Christmas in Compton (2012)
Papel: Tommy Maxell
Mirror Image Mirror Image (2012)
Papel: Captian Fanning
This Shining Night This Shining Night (2012)
Papel: Marc
Suits: La clave del éxito (Serie TV) Suits: La clave del éxito (Serie TV) (2011 - 2019)
Papel: Charles Forstman
Mentes criminales: Conducta sospechosa (Serie TV) Mentes criminales: Conducta sospechosa (Serie TV) (2011 - )
Papel: Andy Armus
La Reina del Sur (Serie TV) La Reina del Sur (Serie TV) (2011 - 2019)
Papel: Erick Sheldon
The Wayshower The Wayshower (2011)
Papel: Parley Hinkins
Chillerama Chillerama (2011)
Papel: General (segment "Wadzilla")
Jesse Jesse (2011)
Papel: Chris
Kingshighway Kingshighway (2010)
Papel: Frank Monviano
Justified: La ley de Raylan (Serie TV) Justified: La ley de Raylan (Serie TV) (2010 - 2015)
Papel: Agent Miller
Los Mercenarios Los Mercenarios (2010)
Papel: James Munroe
Groupie Groupie (2010)
Papel: Angus
Reality Star Reality Star (2010)
Papel: Frank
Caza a muerte Caza a muerte (2010)
Papel: Lee Davis
Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident (2010)
Papel: Mr. Hopewell
Westbrick Murders Westbrick Murders (2010)
Papel: John Barrow
Enemies Among Us Enemies Among Us (2010)
Papel: Cobbs
First Dog First Dog (2010)
Papel: President of the United States
Hawai 5.0 (Serie TV) Hawai 5.0 (Serie TV) (2010 - )
Papel: Richard Sheridan
La reina de las sombras (Serie TV) La reina de las sombras (Serie TV) (2010 - 2016)
Papel: Hades
Project Solitude Project Solitude (2009)
Papel: John Sola
The Whole Truth The Whole Truth (2009)
Papel: Yaro Maroslav
The Steam Experiment The Steam Experiment (2009)
Papel: Grant
Royal Kill Royal Kill (2009)
Papel: Dad
Pinkville Pinkville (2009)
Papel: Johnny Pies
Glee (Serie TV) Glee (Serie TV) (2009 - 2015)
Papel: Fundraiser Coordinator
Rock Slyde Rock Slyde (2009)
Papel: Jake the Deliveryman
Crimes of the Past Crimes of the Past (2009)
Papel: Robert Byrne
Ligeia Ligeia (2009)
Papel: Vaslov
The Butcher The Butcher (2009)
Papel: Merle Hench
Shannon's Rainbow Shannon's Rainbow (2009)
Papel: Mitchell Prescott
The Cleaner (Serie TV) The Cleaner (Serie TV) (2008 - 2009)
Papel: Ray Crin
Witless Protection Witless Protection (2008)
Papel: Wilford Duvall
El caballero oscuro El caballero oscuro (2008)
Papel: Maroni
Crash (Serie TV) Crash (Serie TV) (2008 - )
Papel: Seth Blanchard
Amenaza en las profundidades Amenaza en las profundidades (2008)
Papel: Cdr. William Krieg
Light Years Away Light Years Away (2008)
Papel: Dr. Howard Melvin
Contamination Contamination (2008)
Papel: Dimitry
Chuck (Serie TV) Chuck (Serie TV) (2007 - 2012)
Papel: Packard
Sister's Keeper Sister's Keeper (2007)
Papel: Malikai
Último aviso (Serie TV) Último aviso (Serie TV) (2007 - 2013)
Papel: Reed Perkins
Pandemia Pandemia (2007)
Papel: Mayor Richard Dellasandro
Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter (2007)
Papel: Ivan
Avrora Avrora (2006)
Papel: Mr. Brown
Comedy Hell Comedy Hell (2006)
Papel: The Sheriff
Chica XXL Chica XXL (2006)
Papel: Robert Myer
Héroes (Serie TV) Héroes (Serie TV) (2006 - 2010)
Papel: Thompson
DOA: dead or alive DOA: dead or alive (2006)
Papel: Donovan
One Way One Way (2006)
Papel: Nick Swell
8 of Diamonds 8 of Diamonds (2006)
Papel: Charlie Klamanski
Hollywood Dreams Hollywood Dreams (2006)
Papel: Thomas Kurt
Memorias De Queens Memorias De Queens (2006)
Papel: Antonio
Sledge: The Untold Story Sledge: The Untold Story (2005)
Papel: Police Chief
Secretos enterrados Secretos enterrados (2005)
Papel: Tarkington Alexander Graves / Tag
Break a Leg Break a Leg (2005)
Papel: Michael Richard Lange
Chains Chains (2005)
Papel: Jack
The Civilization of Maxwell Bright The Civilization of Maxwell Bright (2005)
Papel: Arlis
Anatomía de Grey (Serie TV) Anatomía de Grey (Serie TV) (2005 - )
Papel: Robert Avery
Geppetto's Secret Geppetto's Secret (2005)
Papel: Jack Hammer (voz)
Killer Weekend Killer Weekend (2004)
Papel: Jack Talbot
Silly Movie 2 Silly Movie 2 (2004)
Papel: Maximus Powers
Six: La hermandad Six: La hermandad (2004)
Papel: Dallas
Entourage (El séquito) (Serie TV) Entourage (El séquito) (Serie TV) (2004 - 2011)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Al límite de la locura Al límite de la locura (2004)
Papel: Coyote Larry
Seguridad nacional Seguridad nacional (2003)
Papel: Nash
Endangered Species Endangered Species (2003)
Papel: Sully
Intoxicating Intoxicating (2003)
Papel: Teddy
El largo camino a casa El largo camino a casa (2003)
Papel: Sheriff Hank Bowman
Spun Spun (2002)
Papel: The Man
CSI: Miami (Serie TV) CSI: Miami (Serie TV) (2002 - 2012)
Papel: Ken Kramer
Fool Proof Fool Proof (2002)
Papel: Boris
Huida sin límites Huida sin límites (2002)
Papel: Jimmy Scalzetti
Número erróneo Número erróneo (2002)
Papel: Josh Grey
Lobos de Wall Street Lobos de Wall Street (2002)
Papel: Dyson Keller
Pánico en el vuelo 534 Pánico en el vuelo 534 (2001)
Papel: First Officer Mike Hogan
Fast Sofa Fast Sofa (2001)
Papel: Robinson
Proyecto Mindstorm Proyecto Mindstorm (2001)
Papel: David Mendez
La Liga de la Justicia (Serie TV) La Liga de la Justicia (Serie TV) (2001 - 2004)
Papel: Mongul
The Beatnicks The Beatnicks (2001)
Papel: Mack Drake
Conspiración en la Casa Blanca Conspiración en la Casa Blanca (2000)
Papel: The Alternate
Ciudad de corrupción Ciudad de corrupción (2000)
Papel: Carlo
Siniestro Siniestro (2000)
Papel: Lieutenant
Sin coartada Sin coartada (2000)
Papel: Victor Haddock / Stanley Joiner
The King's Guard The King's Guard (2000)
Papel: Augustus Talbert
Dirk and Betty Dirk and Betty (2000)
Papel: Customer
Cecil B. Demente Cecil B. Demente (2000)
Papel: Honey's Ex
Un viaje accidentado Un viaje accidentado (2000)
Papel: Mr. Eddie
Contrarreloj Contrarreloj (2000)
Papel: James Gabriel
CSI: Las Vegas (Serie TV) CSI: Las Vegas (Serie TV) (2000 - 2015)
Papel: Daniel Larson
La calle del perdón La calle del perdón (2000)
Papel: Rome
Traición azul Traición azul (1999)
Papel: Calvin Stasi
Facade Facade (1999)
Papel: Colin Wentworth
Testigo peligroso Testigo peligroso (1999)
Papel: Tony Lazorka / John Dugan
Ley y orden: Unidad de víctimas especiales (Serie TV) Ley y orden: Unidad de víctimas especiales (Serie TV) (1999 - )
Papel: Sam Winfield
Restraining Order Restraining Order (1999)
Papel: Robert Woodfield
Wildflowers Wildflowers (1999)
Papel: Jacob
Dead End Dead End (1998)
Papel: Henry Smovinsky
La cucaracha La cucaracha (1998)
Papel: Walter Pool
Oz (Serie TV) Oz (Serie TV) (1997 - 2003)
Papel: Richard L'Italien
Se busca (Most Wanted) Se busca (Most Wanted) (1997)
Papel: Assistant Deputy Director Spencer
Lobo de guerra Lobo de guerra (1997)
Papel: Russo
Llegaron del espacio Llegaron del espacio (1997)
Papel: Bob Wilson
Un loco a domicilio Un loco a domicilio (1996)
Papel: Eric Roberts
The Grave The Grave (1996)
Papel: Cass
The Glass Cage The Glass Cage (1996)
Papel: Montrachet
Pasado perfecto Pasado perfecto (1996)
Papel: Dylan Cooper
Fiesta de despedida Fiesta de despedida (1996)
Papel: Nick Stark
American Strays American Strays (1996)
Papel: Martin
Prisioneros del cielo Prisioneros del cielo (1996)
Papel: Bubba Rocque
Power 98 Power 98 (1996)
Papel: Karlin Pickett
El enemigo público número uno El enemigo público número uno (1996)
Papel: Arthur Dunlop
The Immortals The Immortals (1995)
Papel: Jack
Sombra en la carretera Sombra en la carretera (1995)
Papel: Adrian (Dusty)
Babyfever Babyfever (1994)
Papel: Anthony
Freefall Freefall (1994)
Papel: Grant Orion
Love Is a Gun Love Is a Gun (1994)
Papel: Jack Hart
Triángulo de ambición Triángulo de ambición (1994)
Papel: Dr. Chandler Etheridge
El especialista El especialista (1994)
Papel: Tomas Leon
Sensation Sensation (1994)
Papel: Dr. Ian Burton
Amor, mentiras y traición Amor, mentiras y traición (1993)
Papel: Reno Adams
Frasier (Serie TV) Frasier (Serie TV) (1993 - 2004)
Papel: Chet
Campeón de campeones 2 Campeón de campeones 2 (1993)
Papel: Alex Grady
Análisis final Análisis final (1992)
Papel: Jimmy Evans
Lonely Hearts Lonely Hearts (1991)
Papel: Frank
El desafío El desafío (1991)
Papel: Alexander Villard
Ambulance Ambulance (1990)
Papel: Josh Baker
Sangre roja Sangre roja (1989)
Papel: Marco Collogero
Campeón de campeones Campeón de campeones (1989)
Papel: Alex Grady
Rude Awakening Rude Awakening (1989)
Papel: Fred Wook
Options Options (1989)
Papel: Donald Anderson (in telefilm epilogue)
La tonta de nadie La tonta de nadie (1986)
Papel: Riley
El tren del infierno El tren del infierno (1985)
Papel: Buck McGeehy
Coca-Cola kid Coca-Cola kid (1985)
Papel: Becker
Sed de poder Sed de poder (1984)
Papel: Paulie
Star 80 Star 80 (1983)
Papel: Paul Snider
El mendigo El mendigo (1981)
Papel: Teddy
Estirpe indomable Estirpe indomable (1978)
Papel: Dave
Before I Do Before I Do (-)
Papel: Chuck Steevers
Beyond the Game Beyond the Game (-)
Night Walk Night Walk (-)
Papel: Jude
Dark Cupid Dark Cupid (-)
Papel: G
Dead Ringer Dead Ringer (-)
Papel: Peter Bengtson
The Dark Return of Time The Dark Return of Time (-)
Papel: Dennis Bennett (rumored)
Uploaded Uploaded (-)
Papel: Bobby
The Unbreakable Sword The Unbreakable Sword (-)
Papel: Captain Lockwood
The Rally-LA The Rally-LA (-)
Papel: Santiago
Q-4: Dream Corporation Q-4: Dream Corporation (-)
Papel: Systems Analyst Farraday
#Speedball #Speedball (-)
Papel: Louie
Wrong Number Wrong Number (-)
Papel: Dad
The Fix The Fix (-)
Brutality Brutality (-)
Papel: Earl
Monsters of Mulberry Street Monsters of Mulberry Street (-)
Papel: Joseph Coletti (rumored)
The Epidemic The Epidemic (-)
Papel: Ralph
There Is Many Like Us There Is Many Like Us (2015) (Documental)
Papel: LT. Rauder
Mystical Traveler Mystical Traveler (2014) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Out in the Open Out in the Open (2013) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Battling Darkness Battling Darkness (2013) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
The Truth Is Out There The Truth Is Out There (2011) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Secrets of Life Secrets of Life (2009) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Mi cita con Drew Mi cita con Drew (2004) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
Geraldine Page: Stages of a Dream Geraldine Page: Stages of a Dream (-) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen (-) (Documental)
Papel: Eric Roberts
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